Bepure Cleanse: Choices and Substitutions

Here are some guidelines for substituting your favorite foods with detoxing foods that you can eat anytime!


Substituting caffeine is difficult because it’s a drug that creates a bio-chemical dependency. For this reason alone, it’s a good idea to break that bond during a cleanse. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which works the kidneys and it is a nerve stimulator, which revs the nervous system and increases circulation and blood pressure.

Caffeine can be substituted with herbal teas and natural coffee-like plants, such as dandelion, chicory and ginseng.  Check out the coffee substitutions at your local health food store.

Don’t forget, regular tea, including green and white tea has caffeine. Be sure that any decaffeinated teas or coffees are water processed and not decaffeinated through a chemical process. If it doesn’t say water decaffeinated, then it’s probably chemically decaffeinated.

Animal Protein:

Substitute red meat for white meat: chicken or fish

Choose free range organic chicken and wild caught fresh fish or sardines

Substitute animal meat altogether with soy, nuts, rice and beans

Grocery stores carry many veggie burger varieties as well as soy sausage links. These are not exactly the same as “real” sausage links or “burgers” but for a short time, they can greatly help you on your cleanse.

Pick up some organic nuts and pumpkin seeds at the health food store. These will be fresh, especially if kept in the refrigerator, and will taste much better than grocery store offerings, which are many times rancid. Put these in oatmeal, granola, or snack on them with fruit.


Substitute cow milk for soy, rice and almond milks and choose organic.

Limit your intake of cheese but good choices of cheese are fresh mozzarella, feta and instead of ice cream, choose organic yogurt. Plain yogurt is best. Add honey and your own vanilla and fruit puree.

Fats & Oils:

Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils around. Substitute butter for coconut oil in oatmeal and on toast. Try toasted sesame oil for cooking instead of olive oil. Use toasted sesame oil on rice. Select organic whenever possible. Olive oil on salads is better than canola. Coconut oil is great on popcorn too!

Salad Dressings:

Go for vinegar and oil organic ones or try a yogurt, garlic, salt and dill blend you can make to your taste right in your kitchen. Add cucumber as well.


Typically has a lot of sugar. Find an organic one that has only a few ingredients and just regular sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.

Pasta and Bread:

These are two items to avoid on a cleanse and if you are trying to control a yeast overgrowth. Substitute pasta for shredded squash (see recipe on this blog). You can just warm it up and eat it raw with seasonings and pasta sauce.

Gluten free bread and sprouted breads are good. Tortillas, wraps and crackers don’t have yeast in them but typically are made from refined flour so pick those that are multigrain. Select ones with minimal ingredients and no additives like preservatives and food colorings.


Simple fruit preserves with simple sugar, cane sugar are best and organic. Maple Syrup that’s organic; Honey in the raw form is best; Agave from cactus is excellent. An artificial sweetener that is plant-based is Stevia, which is gaining in popularity and is a natural product.

Soft Drinks:

Try buying some plain old soda water and had half orange juice or apple cranberry or an appealing organic juice. This is a fabulous substitute for any soft drink. But you can find some ready made at the health food store in cans.

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