Cleansing When Sick

Wintertime generally brings a higher chance of getting a cold or the flu. Our dietary choices include higher amounts of sugar and processed foods and perhaps alcohol. We tend to allow ourselves to eat heavier food for comfort and warmth.

The selection of high quality food is paramount to maintaining good health during the cold months. One rule for choosing ‘high quality’ food is fresh and minimally processed.

When we become sick, our body naturally tries to cleanse. We are stuffed up and food doesn’t taste good, if we are achy and tired, fixing a meal can be exhausting. A fever, nausea and/or diarrhea, the sickness symptoms are really just expelling toxins. Our body helps us cleanse by turning us off to food and removing the toxins that this season brings from the very beginning.

Completing a cleansing during a time of illness is not recommended. However, there are a few things to do to help your body move those toxins out. Follow these tips and facilitate the elimination of toxins:

  1. Warm vegetable broths with coconut, sesame, olive oil or ghee.
  2. Warm teas unless you have a fever, then cool water is preferred
  3. Epsom salt and baking soda baths
  4. Our Tracite™ fulvic minerals to replenish electrolytes
  5. Plenty of rest
  6. Very light exercise if you can tolerate it such as, tai chi, qigong, walking

Warm liquids break up mucous; good oils keep the body nourished and hydrated; stretching and very light exercise increases good breathing and movement of lymph fluid.

The best times in the year for detoxing and cleansing the whole body is during the seasonal changes. We recommend the BePure cleanse or LGB – Purity. These are herbal formulations that gently remove stored toxins such as pollutants, metals and chemicals and poorly metabolized waste.

When the weather is warmer, it is easy to transition to a raw food diet that speeds up the body’s ability to detox. Stay tuned in to your body and it will tell you what it needs.

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Cleansing in Winter

If you are in a cold climate, like any place north of Florida in the US, you will want to make some special considerations while cleansing at this time of the year.

Our natural biology is to put on weight in the winter and as light diminishes, we are less active. Eating more and moving less can contribute to feeling toxic and can lower our immune response. Cold air and indoor heating can dry out sinuses, while the lack of sunlight and the angle of the sun reduces our ability to produce Vitamin D, a strong anti-viral vitamin with anti-depressive benefits.

Winter is the time to eat hearty meals to keep our bodies warm and lubricated with healthy oils such as baked squash, soups, stews and multigrains.

Unfortunately it’s so easy to eat more pastries, cookies, chocolate and potluck food perhaps made with cheese whiz. These foods contradict a recipe for cleansing. If you must cleanse in the wintertime, be sure to prepare yourself with the following:

  1. Be well nourished before you cleanse.
    Spend a week eating really well – eliminating all junk food and processed foods, alcohol, cheeses, and meats.
  2. Reduce the intensity of your cleanse.
    This means don’t do a long fast of nothing but liquid. Perhaps alternate between a fast after lunch until breakfast, or from dinner to lunch the next day.
  3. Continue to take nourishment with easy to digest foods while taking an herbal cleanse.
    Easy to digest foods include cereals like cream of wheat, oatmeal and rice. Know your body and what is right for you. Fermented foods like sauerkraut aid digestion; warm it before eating. Also plain yogurt eaten with warm food like grains, rice or beans, depending on your digestive fire, will help to nourish your body.
  4. Include some grains and good oils.
    As mentioned above, grains and rice and are easy to digest and good during a winter cleanse – cream of wheat or rice is probably the easiest and served piping hot with a dollop of ghee or coconut oil and mineral-rich dark organic brown sugar or honey is light on the system, nourishing, filling and supports a winter cleanse.
  5. Warm broths with vegetables.
    Clear vegetable broths heated to boiling, turn off the heat and throw in vegetables, add sesame oil (regular or hot pepper) and maybe some soy sauce or Bragg Aminos.
  6. Raw foods are good such as lettuces (salads) and fresh fruit.
    These are also cooling to the body – eat them with warm broth or sipping hot water. Making smoothies at room temperature, will aid digestion. Adding ginger and cayenne pepper will add a nice warm kick.
  7. Tracite™ Fulvic Minerals – these special trace elements provide an abundance of electrolytes for recharging cells and for eliminating toxins from the cells and tissues all over the body. They enhance the absorption of all nutrients.
  8. Engage in light exercise.
    Go to the gym when it’s not so crowded if you must. A gym can be a breeding ground for germs, not so much on the machines but in the air and ventilation system especially in a small gym with lots of cardio equipment. Yoga, tai chi, qigong are great and can be done at home. Walking if the temperature is mild, is also beneficial.
  9. Take a detox bath.
    Fill a tub with hot water, add 2 cups Epsom salt and ½ cup of baking soda. This strongly supports the elimination of toxins. Soak for at least 20 minutes. You may enhance with some essential oil that you like.
    If you don’t like baths, add something interesting like music to make it more palatable. Take this time to practice the meditation of following your breath and see what thoughts you generate can be a key to how relaxed you are or what is creating tension in your life.

The bottom line is that winter is stressful on the body and cleansing is stressful on the body as well. A raw food diet is the best diet for cleansing but, in wintertime, this may put too much stress on many people.

In addition to taking care of yourself physically, here are some psychological things to consider anytime you do a cleanse:

  1. Clear your schedule as much as possible, prepare to just BE with yourself
  2. Prepare some uplifting material, inspirational or material that supports a healthy lifestyle. This could also be your favorite comedy shows and movies, books or books on people who made a difference in the world, leaders, explorers, athletes, and scientists. The idea is to build your internal energy and well-being. A critical, judgmental state of mind generates toxic energy.

Be grateful for any time you have to be conscious of living healthier, even if you make mistakes.

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