Love Holds the House Advantage

February is American Heart Health month and what makes a heart healthier than being full of love? Ancient civilizations believed the heart was the seat of the brain. Choosing to think loving thoughts permeates my feelings, my decisions and ultimately my actions. The result of such a choice is not only a boomerang of love coming back to me but also a mathematical law of operations that I equate with the ‘house advantage’.

Suppose you walk into a casino and at that very moment someone wins the “jack-pot”, you might think to yourself, gee I should become a gambler too for it seems to pay-off. But probability proves the odds are against it and if you play long enough, you’ll loose everything.

Life is like a casino where the house, or universal truths, holds a slight mathematical advantage over the guest. I liken this advantage to the house operating out of love and the guest operating out of fear. The percentage is quite small, maybe only 1%, so that the guest wins once and a while, but the longer the guest plays, the more he or she will ultimately loose because the house has the advantage.

Love holds the house advantage speaks to me in everything I do, as I ask myself, am I coming from the advantage of love or from the disadvantage of fear? I may win the argument but I’ll loose the war. Acting out of anger feels right sometimes, it disguises itself as justice in so many ways and when I win, I have the rush, the allure of  “winning” that it can become my focus.

We have to trust love, if we don’t trust love, we will ultimately loose. We cannot win by all the derivatives of fear — hoarding, cheating, dishonesty, being less than, defensive, antagonistic, warring, aggression to serve the self – even when we think we are “right”!

How can you monitor whether you are approaching a situation from the viewpoint of love or from the viewpoint of fear? The way I evaluate this is by looking deeply within… I attempt to “feel” what might be the kernel, the seed, of the thought, word or action that is coming forth. Is the seed based in fear (power over others, proving my rightness, evening the score, sadness, anxiety, anger) or is it based in love (joy, excitement, abundance, the happiness of others)?

If I choose to have my thoughts, words and actions generated from a sense of love, I will be loving. Then I experience love and my life experience is all there is. The experience I am having right now is what matters. For that’s all there is!

If you had the choice of being the owner of a casino or the any of the patrons (gamblers) of the casino, which would you choose? The answer is obvious, right.  Be the owner of the casino; for the owner of the casino wins in the long run.

You have the same choice when it comes to how you experience your life.  Choose thoughts, words and actions which spring from a “seed or root of love”. Some call it the “Secret” and some call it the “Power of Attraction”.  I refer to it as “Love Holds the House Advantage”.

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CoQ10 Research Supports Heart Health

CoEnzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin like chemical made in the body and found in fish, organ meats and whole grains. It is responsible for producing cellular energy, and contributes to several important biological processes, such as the production of protein and muscle contraction.

CoQ10 can help  combat fatigue, obesity and a weak immune system. The most important discovery about CoQ10 is that it can help fight heart disease. Dr. Karl Folker’s research found the blood levels of CoQ10 to be significantly lower in heart-disease patients than in those who were disease free. He discovered 70% of his heart patients with congestive heart failure benefited from taking CoQ10.

Additional research from the Mayo Clinic suggests that CoQ10 causes small decreases in blood pressure since low levels of CoQ10 have been found in people with hypertension. Recent studies also suggest that CoQ10 may reduce angina and improve exercise tolerance in people with clogged heart arteries.

The Japanese people use CoQ10 to treat heart disease and it is approved in 1974 in Japan for treating congestive heart failure.

In honor of February Heart Health Month, do something good for your heart-purchase CoQ10 (#5010) today!


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A New Year-What Can You Do?

Recently while I was attending a Teacher Training course in a healing art that is of interest to me, I experienced one of those ah-ha moments.  You know when something strikes a chord with you and you understand something at a deeper level, AND it sticks with you because of its simplicity and truth?
Well, I had that moment when the student asked the trainer a simple question. The person started by stating a health concern. In this case it was a heart condition, but it could have been anything. They went on to describe all the things they are doing to rectify or otherwise mitigate the situation.  The question that was asked was, “Is there anything else you recommend I could do?”

The gifted trainer replied with a question in return, “Is there anything that you know of that you can or should do that you are not doing?” The student nodded his head.  It was the type of nod that suggested he has known for some time additional things he could do but for whatever reason has chosen not to incorporate.  He had the answer all along.

So the ah-ha for me was:  Where in my life do I do the very same thing?  There are life choices that I know in my heart of hearts I could upscale.  Maybe it is something to give up or perhaps something to include.

The point is, we have the answers for most of our own concerns or conflicts.  We just need to look within ourselves for the answers.  We need to be honest and most of all we need to look within, without judgment. If we judge ourselves while looking within,  we will not be enlightened because the act of judgment clouds our view of the objective self and what we need will be obscured.  So the trick is to ask yourself, as if you were asking someone else. We are naturally compassionate beings to others but to a much less degree are we compassionate to ourselves.

So make your new year’s resolution.  Look within and compassionately ask yourself the following question: Regarding the concern I have with ____________________, what am I doing (or not doing) that I know I could (or could not) be doing?  The answer lies within.

Do Good — Be Well,
Andrew Bruex,
Managing Partner
Universal Formulas

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