Seed of Essence

In the quiet moments, away from people and pretense, do you recognize yourself? Who is the one you recognize? Is there someone or something within you, a deeper self, a quiet awareness, prodding you with gentle questions and timely reminders? Your essence is the observer, the seer and the awareness that knows you know and pushes you to be all that you can be.

Say to yourself:

I am. I rest in “I am”. Water this seed with your intention.

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Healthy Living Tip – Sleep, the essential nutrient

Head and shoulders mid age couple sleepingSleep is essential to maintaining physical health and emotional well-being.  Sleep is often compromised due to busy lifestyles and stress interrupting sleep patterns.  A good nights rest allows the body time to regenerate and strengthen overall immunity.

We all know the lethargic feeling of not getting enough sleep.  The tired feeling in our body also effects our brain. During rest the brain takes the time to recharge for the next day. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute reports, “Sleep deficiency alters activity in some parts of the brain. If you’re sleep deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change.”

Avoid over indulging in stimulants like caffeine and sugar which disrupt.  Learn More about how to enhance your well-being with the benefits of sleep.

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Wellness Enthusiast Product Pick – Lung Tonic

Dustin UFMeet Dustin, Universal Formulas shipping and receiving extraordinaire who  is responsible for expediting your orders accurately and efficiently.

His favorite UF product is Lung Tonic.  Dustin said, “I use Lung Tonic because I play soccer and am pretty active in sports. Lung Tonic gives me noticeably better endurance if I take it before I work out or play a game.”

The primary effect of Lung Tonic is to heal weak or compromised lung tissue and chronic respiratory congestion. Immune system response is improved by the addition of herbs such as Marshmallow Root. Licorice and Mullein soothe the Lungs removing inflammations and/or irritations associated with poor lung function and respiratory infection/disease. Other herbs like Eucalyptus help in removing excess mucous from deep within the lung structure. Ginger Root brings the circulation back to the lung tissue inducing a mild cleansing effect throughout.

Dustin also shared, “I think it helps with my recovery period too. I’m interested in keeping my lungs clean and strong for the long run.” If you’re active in sports or if you’re a smoker or former smoker try Lung Tonic to help  improve respiration and perhaps even  protect the lung tissue from additional damage.

Lung Tonic

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