Uplifting Universal Formulas

We have been in a creation phase here at Universal Formulas with uplifting positive energies and now we would like to personally introduce you to our updated brand identity!

Universal Formulas

Universal is set in Univers LT CYR 67 Bold Condensed formulas and Since 1984 is set in Times New Roman and Be Healthy ~ Be Well is set in Rollerscript

Our brand icon is now a leaf check mark as we use the best ingredient source found in nature and the highest quality, second to none.

The colors of the logo, are a royal blue of the skies above and greens from nature. The labels color categories include vibrant light blue, dark blue, orange, green and purple. Each label has the water marked Leaf check mark, along with a subtle light blue sky texture.

Did you know our product categories have been color coded for many years? The colors distinguish the different dimension of nutritional support. In the recent rebrand, we adjusted the colors to be more distinguishable. Listed below are the recalibrated colors and the represented nutritional support products: The only difference now is that we have recalibrated the colors a bit and the associated color and nutritional support.

Universal Formulas Products

Vitamins are Orange. Our Vitamin C and Vitamin D3.

Herbs are naturally Green. Our Herbal Blends like Lymph-Flo and Echinacea Angustifolia

Minerals are Light Blue. This is includes our TraciteTM Mineral as well as our Mag/Cal.

Enzyme & Pre-Biotics are Purple. This includes Flora-Zymes.

Opt-Blend Series are Dark Blue. Opti-Blends are a Universal Formula creation of optimized formulas including vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, probiotics, and trace minerals which maximum results to support specific body systems and/or health benefits.

The new Opti-Blend distinction is the most dramatic change of the re-design. Originally, the various opti-blends, all had different colors they have been unified to the blue-ribbon Unviersal Blue. Opti-Blends includes our Quint-Essence, a whole food, plant-derived, daily multi-supplement with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, amino acids, and greens, in an easy individually customized, scalable dosage.

A new emotional intention has been added to each product which positively emphasize the benefits of each nutritional supplement.

Additional Information/Attributes we want to convey on our product . . .

All of our products also have certain attributes we want to highlight. One of the main attribute that we are proud of is Fulvic InfusedTM. We want our supplements to be as bioavailable as possible, so we boost the effectiveness of the best ingredients adding trace minerals to almost every one of our products. Fulvic acid molecules carry an ion charge that attracts minerals and elements. Therefore, in this process, the absorption ability is enhanced in every cell in your body. When cells more easily absorb a nutrient and give up fewer enzymes in the process, the cells are able to use the nutrient faster and more completely, hence the boost in bioavailability.


Universal Formulas has over 65 products with 30 being Fulvic InfusedTM, a multi-trace minerals boost to fulfil our bodies’ mineral needs.

  • Other attributes include:
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Wild-Crafted
  • cGMP
  • Made in the USA

Now that our and brand identity have been uplifted we are also looking forward to uplifting our website to provide you with a better user experience as well as a more informational experience, with our continued. . . .

Since 1984, Universal Formulas has been in nutritional supplement retail and since early 2000s has been an online supplement retailer that is committed to providing you with Second To None Nutritional Dietary Supplements and Service for many years to come!

Please if you have any feedback on the changes as well as the general product and experience feedback, Please get in touch with us via e-mail, phone or join us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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Be selfish this New Year

by Universal Formulas CEO, Andrew Bruex

I often hear people disclose their “New Years Resolutions” with a list of things/actions that they are going to give-up ….. often times followed by an uggh sound. May I suggest that you choose to “give yourself something” in return for allowing an undesirable thing or action to “move on” from your life.

Let me explain by example: If you choose to give up or reduce smoking AND replace it with 10 minutes of walking, you are enhancing your life versus damaging your body. When you drop an undesirable habit or attribute AND replace it with a positive habit, you double the healthful benefits.

Trade up: I don’t think it should be about giving something up. I think it should be about trading something up. That way you don’t create a vacuum. Creating a vacuum creates a void. Voids and/or vacuums want to be filled. So think about what you want to give to yourself and trade that for what you no longer want in your life.

Here’s a bonus thought: It is scientifically known that habits can be changed in just 21 days. So by the end of January, just focus on January, you will have created the change as an effortless on-going habit.

On a personal note: Last year at this time, I decided to reduce the amount of coffee I was drinking. Although I was a purest, meaning I drank only freshly ground organic fair-traded coffee, it was still too much acid and caffeine in my diet. I found a great product that totally satisfies my desire for coffee AND it offers herbal support for my liver and kidneys. So now I have lowered both my caffeine and acid intake AND I am enhancing my health with the benefits of the herbs in the coffee substitute (and it does not cost any more than the coffee beans).

I like the idea of resolutions; I think they are exciting. Keep them positive and remember to “Be Selfish”.

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Staying Active in Winter + Vitamin D

An article by health journalist, Laura Bandoim reports on the link between exercising during winter and vitamin D levels.

Research presented at the American Society for Clinical Pathology revealed that women who have health problems ranging from arthritis to high blood pressure tend to have much lower than normal vitamin D levels. As expected, these levels decreased significantly in the winter because of lower exposure to the sun. The study showed that 28 percent of the 244 women in the sample had a serious vitamin D deficiency.

Although it may be tempting to stay indoors and turn to the treadmill during the winter, the limited amount of sun exposure can lead to vitamin D deficiency. Exercise outdoors has been found to significantly increase vitamin D levels even in the colder months. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to heart disease.

“The fact that vitamin D plays a role in the relationship between exercise and risk of heart disease is a new finding,” says the study’s lead author Andrea Chomistek, a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health. “This likely comes from being outside more. People who exercise tend to be out in the sun, which raises their vitamin D level. I don’t think you’d get the same increase in vitamin D by staying inside and running on the treadmill.”

Maintain your overall health and well being with Universal Formulas Vitamin D3 and stay active outdoors.

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