Cal/Mag and Mag/Cal: Mineral Building Blocks

The May product of the month focuses on two very essential building blocks in the minerals that make up our bodies: magnesium and calcium.
Our Mag/Cal and Cal/Mag contain the same ingredients with one difference: the ratios of calcium and magnesium.
Calcium and Magnesium Working Together
We combine Calcium and Magnesium together rather than have two separate products for each mineral because these minerals work together to perform body function. These minerals have to be balanced with each other in order to work properly. and have been formulated with these balances. For more information on calcium and magnesium balance, watch the video below:

Mag/Cal contains a 7:5 ratio of magnesium and calcium. The Mag/Cal in a 7:5 ratio provides magnesium that is not as readily-available in our diets as calcium and can be taken by anyone as a maintenance supplement. Magnesium is a very important part of maintaining the body, being responsible for many of the body’s functions. A deficiency may lead to a variety of health issues. The Magnesium included in this formula is multiform, increasing the mineral’s chances of being absorbed into your body.

Cal/Mag in a 1:1 ratio contains as much calcium as magnesium because magnesium supports the absorption of this calcium for more benefits from the calcium. This formula benefits those with fractured or broken bones, premenopausal women, and those with calcium deficiency.
Vitamin D is also included to help absorb calcium.

Supplements and Diet Go Together!
It’s not always easy getting all the vitamins and minerals you need when it comes to visiting family, going out with friends, holidays, or eating on the go. It’s great having supplement options to ensure that you are getting the minerals you need!

Nevertheless, diet is an important part of your health. You may not be able to always make the right diet decisions Planning day-to-day meals and considering where you are getting your sources of nutrients is an important part of obtaining optimal results from any supplement or nutritional support.
Some of you may wonder from time to time “Is it better to get calcium and/or magnesium from plant sources or can you absorb it from animal sources as well?” Our formulation is purely vegetable source, leaving the decision of adding animal-based nutrients up to you!

Many know that cheese, milk and yogurt contain calcium. For various health reasons, some may want to consider replacing these with natural sources of calcium. There are also plenty of sources of magnesium in our food.

Be safe and well this spring!

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EB-Digestives: All about enzymes and their deficiencies

EB-Digestive is a high-potency, plant-derived combination of enzymes which aids digestion, keeps down inflammation and relieves gas. Check out this video to see how enzymes work and why they’re important for you!

  • While EB-Digestive contains the same plant-derived digestive enzymes as Flora-Zymes, they also contain the digestive enzymes Bromelain and Papain which aid the digestion of proteins and have been shown to reduce inflammation and soothe the stomach.

  • Acidophilus and Bifidus (pro-biotic bacteria) are added to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, boosting your immune system.

  • Tracite (a solution of 77 trace minerals and fulvic acid) is added to stimulate body enzyme systems.

EB-Digestives (#1005)

EB-Digestives (#1005)

What is Special About EB-Digestive? What’s in it?

Being “plant” sourced, containing stable enzymes, and having a broad spectrum of pH activity.  EB-Digestive is a multi-enzyme product that targets multiple areas of digestion which include:

  • Amylase: Important for the digestion of carbohydrates and dead white blood cells (pus).
    Deficiencies include skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, insect bites, allergic bee and bug stings. atopic dermatitis, and all types of herpes. Lung problems, including asthma and emphysema, require amylase plus other enzyme formulas depending on the particular condition.

  • Lipase-Aids the digestion of fats.
    Deficiency leads to hyphochlorhydria (low chlorides in our electrolyte balance): “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, muscle cramping and spasms, spastic colon, and vertigo.

  • Protease-Aids the digestion of protein.
    Deficiency leads to alkaline excess:   anxiety, metabolism problems, toxic colon, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, gouty arthritis, degenerative disc problems, bone spurs and related disorders such as sciatica and ligament problems.

  • Cellulase-Aids the digestion of fibers.
    Deficiency is a malabsorption syndrome (impaired absorption of nutrients, vitamins, or minerals from the diet by the lining of the small intestine) with its many symptoms of lower abdominal gas, pain, bloating and problems associated with the small intestine and pancreas.  Additionally, deficiency may cause nervous system conditions such as Bell’s Palsy, Tic and facial neuralgia.

Why would I need to take EB-Digestive? Or any supplement for that matter?

Check out some of these brief videos which explains the importance of enzymes and why you may need a supplement:

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Be selfish this New Year

by Universal Formulas CEO, Andrew Bruex

I often hear people disclose their “New Years Resolutions” with a list of things/actions that they are going to give-up ….. often times followed by an uggh sound. May I suggest that you choose to “give yourself something” in return for allowing an undesirable thing or action to “move on” from your life.

Let me explain by example: If you choose to give up or reduce smoking AND replace it with 10 minutes of walking, you are enhancing your life versus damaging your body. When you drop an undesirable habit or attribute AND replace it with a positive habit, you double the healthful benefits.

Trade up: I don’t think it should be about giving something up. I think it should be about trading something up. That way you don’t create a vacuum. Creating a vacuum creates a void. Voids and/or vacuums want to be filled. So think about what you want to give to yourself and trade that for what you no longer want in your life.

Here’s a bonus thought: It is scientifically known that habits can be changed in just 21 days. So by the end of January, just focus on January, you will have created the change as an effortless on-going habit.

On a personal note: Last year at this time, I decided to reduce the amount of coffee I was drinking. Although I was a purest, meaning I drank only freshly ground organic fair-traded coffee, it was still too much acid and caffeine in my diet. I found a great product that totally satisfies my desire for coffee AND it offers herbal support for my liver and kidneys. So now I have lowered both my caffeine and acid intake AND I am enhancing my health with the benefits of the herbs in the coffee substitute (and it does not cost any more than the coffee beans).

I like the idea of resolutions; I think they are exciting. Keep them positive and remember to “Be Selfish”.

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