Seed of Experience

Difficult experiences are like sandpaper; they whittle away your abrasive edges. Experience sands away any trace of complacency or self righteousness. Don’t resist. Let experience prepare you to become the person you are destined to be.
Say to yourself:

I welcome all experience. It is making me the best person I can be.
        Water this seed with your intention.


I welcome all experience. It is making me the best person I can be.

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Bepure Cleanse: Managing Detox Reactions

Managing Detoxification Reactions, by Ralf Ostertag

If taking cleanses produces any of the following reactions or symptoms after only a few doses you may be very toxic especially in the liver and stomach and will need to strengthen these organs before placing them under the stress of cleansing the entire system.

Note that some of these symptoms may occur much later in the cleansing process as part of a healing crisis.

These reactions can include but are not limited to: vomiting, extremely loose stools, constipation, sharp pains under the rib cage on either side, severe headaches, serious dizziness or fainting (this will be rare), blurred vision, extreme trembling in the hands or feet, cramping of the feet, swelling or burning irritations of the tongue or mouth area, severe lower back pain, extreme thirst, excessive perspiration, severe headache shortly after beginning the product, shortness of breath to the point of needing to gasp for a breath or shortness of breath upon standing, heat bearing immediate red rashes over a large part of the body, sharp shooting pains in the rectal area, extreme cramping of the lower abdomen and severe lethargy or loss of energy to move about.

If you are taking medications for serious issues involving the heart, circulation, diabetes, kidney or liver disease, you should only cleanse or detoxify under the supervision and consent of your doctor or health care professional. You may need to start out slowly with diet change and juicing and then proceed at half the dosage of our formula. See below for details.

If you have immediate severe reactions, it would be very beneficial to schedule some hydro-colonics or colonic irrigations. I recommend this for everyone on a detoxification program, not just for severe reactions, as this will help the colon shed the accumulation of toxins and deposits that the blood, lymph and tissues are expelling.

To manage reactions:

  1. The cleansing process will take longer if you have any of the above reactions. It may take as long as 60 days depending on what your system is loaded with and how severe the accumulation.
  2. If any of these do occur to the point of concern for the individual simply take a 2 day break from the herbs while continuing fresh juices and the dietary changes listed in #3.  Start back into the cleansing process with only half the dosage for 2 days. Drink ¼ section of squeezed lime juice in 8 oz purified water first thing every morning before breakfast. See our protocol on juicing or email us for more information.
  3. Be sure to eliminate all white sugar, pop, alcohol, coffee, black tea, ice cream, cheeses, red meat and all other non-foods or processed foods. This applies also to those on heavy medication or multiple medications. The liver works hard on these foods, so eliminating them will help the liver concentrate on old stored toxins and release them.
  4. Taking some vitamin C before bed will also gently cleanse the stomach preparing it for the more intense elimination. I recommend 1,000 mg of our Vitamin C every night before bed.
  5. Taking some enzymes 3 caps per meal (Florazymes product #1003) will also help in the preparation to do a complete whole body detoxification in a few days or weeks or at a later date.

If you feel that you need to stop altogether and really build and strengthen your digestive eliminative organs first before attempting to do the Bepure Cleanse, here is my recommendation:

Take the LGB Purity formula first (Product #6201), 2 capsules twice daily for 2 weeks then stop for one week and just do the juices and dietary changes while taking the Flora-Zymes and Vitamin C, as mentioned above. Then begin the Bepure Cleanse.

A good rule to follow for those taking medications or who have severe health issues is to start with half the dosage of Bepure for 1 week, then take a week off.  Begin again with the same regimen and again take a week off. Do this for 3 cycles. Stay on the diet mentioned above the whole time along with juicing.

Have the right attitude. A fearful or hesitant start to the cleansing process will compound any healing crisis with possible problems easily avoided by the right attitude going in.

If you keep this simple it will work.

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Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Body Cleanse

I just finished the Universal Formulas’ BePure Cleanse and I have my personal “Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Body Cleanse” for you to get the most out of your cleansing commitment:

  1. Stay Clean- BePure Cleanse Inside, Baths and Showers Outside!
    Taking a salt bath or a taking an extra shower  per day helps clean-  your skin is your biggest integumentary system organ and it functions, among many other functions, to excrete waste.  Stay clean and flush the toxins from your inside and out. (If you do take more showers be sure to make them shorter as the skin absorbs just as much as it excretes.)
  2. Keep a Rhythm – Eat, Sleep, and BePure Regularly
    If you take your BePure Cleanse regularly, eat meals as well as sleep and wake up at a regular times your body will get in a systematic rhythm.  This will help your body work more reliably and consistently so you may get the most out of your cleanse.
  3. Be Nice, Be Kind, BePure – A Nice Attitude Gets Nice Results
    Let’s face it- we all could be a little nicer, to others, and to ourselves.  Take the time to be nicer: smile more, buy yourself a gift, write a friend a thank-you letter, compliment a co-worker, and pat yourself on the back!  Being nice will purify your spirit while BePure Cleanse purifies your body.
  4. “Stretch” the Effects of  Your BePure Cleanse – Use Yoga and Simple Excercise to Get More Out of BePure
    By stretching and using yoga practice you help accelerate the detoxification process.  Read more in article The Yoga of Detoxing!
  5. Deep Tissue Cleansing
    Want to see detoxing in action? Using Ph Litmus Stix with a before and after test:  you will see the muscular toxins, including lactic acid, that are stored in your deep tissue are getting flushed out with distinct increased acidity.
  6. Cleanse the Mind – Make a Conscious Effort to Detox the Mind as well as BePure Cleanse the Body
    If you keep a clear mind free of anxiety and worry, as well as make the effort to seek clarity and understanding with your obstacles and fears, you will be detoxifying the mind as we ll as the body.  Try meditating or rhythmic breathing for 10 minutes per day to open yourself up to the clean life!
  7. Be Pure, Juice Pure – Fresh Juice Gives the Energy to Detox
    I love fresh juice!  Who doesn’t?  And our bodies love it too.  A carrot, apple, parsley juice, for instance is a great diuretic and keeps the excretory system clean and lean for flushing toxins from your body.   Stay tuned for more on juicing!
  8. Cleanse Means Clean Water – Keep the Water You Drink Pure and Clean
    Be sure to drink the purest cleanest water possible during the BePure Cleanse.  This will support the cleansing process by not adding all additional impurities and chemicals to your body that are exactly what you are cleansing out!
  9. Eat Well, Be Pure –  Treat your body to fresh and nutritious food
    By eating fresh food with high nutritional content, the first nourishment your cells and body systems receive after cleansing will be that of food of the highest potential and providing the greatest nutritional support for your freshly cleansed body.
  10. Keep it Clean – The Inter-BePure Cleanse Maintenance Protocol
    In between my semi-annual cleanses, I take QuintEssence and Tracite to get the most nutritional value out of my diet and to provide nutritional support of the major body systems. This prime nutritional protocol keeps the natural detoxification processes working optimally between cleanses.

Share your comments below!

Happy Cleansing!

Adam @ The UF Health Blog

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