Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Body Cleanse

I just finished the Universal Formulas’ BePure Cleanse and I have my personal “Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Body Cleanse” for you to get the most out of your cleansing commitment:

  1. Stay Clean- BePure Cleanse Inside, Baths and Showers Outside!
    Taking a salt bath or a taking an extra shower  per day helps clean-  your skin is your biggest integumentary system organ and it functions, among many other functions, to excrete waste.  Stay clean and flush the toxins from your inside and out. (If you do take more showers be sure to make them shorter as the skin absorbs just as much as it excretes.)
  2. Keep a Rhythm – Eat, Sleep, and BePure Regularly
    If you take your BePure Cleanse regularly, eat meals as well as sleep and wake up at a regular times your body will get in a systematic rhythm.  This will help your body work more reliably and consistently so you may get the most out of your cleanse.
  3. Be Nice, Be Kind, BePure – A Nice Attitude Gets Nice Results
    Let’s face it- we all could be a little nicer, to others, and to ourselves.  Take the time to be nicer: smile more, buy yourself a gift, write a friend a thank-you letter, compliment a co-worker, and pat yourself on the back!  Being nice will purify your spirit while BePure Cleanse purifies your body.
  4. “Stretch” the Effects of  Your BePure Cleanse – Use Yoga and Simple Excercise to Get More Out of BePure
    By stretching and using yoga practice you help accelerate the detoxification process.  Read more in article The Yoga of Detoxing!
  5. Deep Tissue Cleansing
    Want to see detoxing in action? Using Ph Litmus Stix with a before and after test:  you will see the muscular toxins, including lactic acid, that are stored in your deep tissue are getting flushed out with distinct increased acidity.
  6. Cleanse the Mind – Make a Conscious Effort to Detox the Mind as well as BePure Cleanse the Body
    If you keep a clear mind free of anxiety and worry, as well as make the effort to seek clarity and understanding with your obstacles and fears, you will be detoxifying the mind as we ll as the body.  Try meditating or rhythmic breathing for 10 minutes per day to open yourself up to the clean life!
  7. Be Pure, Juice Pure – Fresh Juice Gives the Energy to Detox
    I love fresh juice!  Who doesn’t?  And our bodies love it too.  A carrot, apple, parsley juice, for instance is a great diuretic and keeps the excretory system clean and lean for flushing toxins from your body.   Stay tuned for more on juicing!
  8. Cleanse Means Clean Water – Keep the Water You Drink Pure and Clean
    Be sure to drink the purest cleanest water possible during the BePure Cleanse.  This will support the cleansing process by not adding all additional impurities and chemicals to your body that are exactly what you are cleansing out!
  9. Eat Well, Be Pure –  Treat your body to fresh and nutritious food
    By eating fresh food with high nutritional content, the first nourishment your cells and body systems receive after cleansing will be that of food of the highest potential and providing the greatest nutritional support for your freshly cleansed body.
  10. Keep it Clean – The Inter-BePure Cleanse Maintenance Protocol
    In between my semi-annual cleanses, I take QuintEssence and Tracite to get the most nutritional value out of my diet and to provide nutritional support of the major body systems. This prime nutritional protocol keeps the natural detoxification processes working optimally between cleanses.

Share your comments below!

Happy Cleansing!

Adam @ The UF Health Blog

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Bepure Cleanse Preparation: Timing, Diet, Activity

Detox Preparation: When to start? How do I prepare? How do I plan a good diet?

Many people get our cleanse formulas and think it’s like a prescription drug where they take it and it does it’s job and that’s that. Herbal formulas are different and require some consciousness along with taking them to work effectively.

1. Best time to start.

Any of our cleanse formulas can be used any time of the year. There are some optimal times in the year to cleanse as described later in this article but the most important decision to make is clearing time in your schedule. Typically three weeks is recommended to achieve optimal results.

Always follow the advice of your healthcare provider. If you are faced with a serious condition for which he or she is recommending a particular cleanse, then by all means, follow their direction as to when to begin. The following are just general guidelines and what to consider as you plan your cleanse experience.

Major cleansing is best done with the seasonal changes. It is common for people to feel toxic after the Christmas holidays are over and they desire to purge themselves of all the junk they’ve eaten. We recommend waiting until the end of winter at the vernal equinox or then at the end of Spring at the summer solstice. The solstices and equinoxes are the ideal times to cleanse as our bodies are in a natural rhythm with nature. Of course your body will benefit anytime you do a cleanse program. For alternatives on cleansing in the dead of winter, please see our article on: Cleansing in Winter.

2. Consider the product dosage

If you are not familiar with taking capsules throughout the day, allow for this and how you will take your dosage with you so you can stay on your cleanse away from home.

Some formulas are more “intensive” than others, they have more ingredients, formulas and capsules than other formulas that are just one herbal capsule.

3. A cleanse can interrupt your schedule

Allow for days where you might not feel your best. Also allow for more frequent trips to the bathroom as you drink more water. Holidays are not a good time to cleanse because expectations to celebrate are high and the temptation to eat sugary fatty foods and drink alcohol. Also emotional tension and excitement are higher around holidays too, in which food plays a big part. Denying yourself conventional celebration can be counter productive.

4. Activity

Bepure Cleanse and LGB-Purity are considered multi-system cleanse formulas. It is possible to have fluctuating energy through out their use. If you are on a sports league, you may want to wait until that season is over. There are a few reasons for this.

First the activity, excitement and commitment to have an optimum sport experience takes away from the introspective, intuitive  connection of a cleanse. When you are detoxing, your attention to sleep, diet and emotional needs will be a different situation than what is required for high physical performance.

Second, as the body cleanses and washes away toxins, different physical and emotional needs may arise. The need to use the bathroom may be unpredictable, unusual irrational feelings may surface requiring the time to pause and reflect.

Do plan on light daily exercise to help your cleanse. This is different from playing sports. Some consistent, light, exercise like walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, yoga, stretching, even a weight workout according to your capability, is very good for the lymph system to keep it moving, and your circulation. Daily exercise helps you sleep better and boost your brain activity and mood. These kinds of exercise are more introspective; there should not be a competitive attitude, over excitement and prolonged high extreme emotion. They lend themselves to developing your internal awareness, to quieting the external chaos and chatter so you can listen to what’s going on inside.

5. Planning meals

While you are on any cleanse formula, it is essential to review your normal diet and clean it up as well. For example, if you are on a typical American diet of meat, starches like fries, pasta and chips, soft drinks, including sports drinks, caffeine, alcohol, desserts like ice cream, cookies, etc. and even cooked vegetables, it is strongly suggested that you reduce these during your cleanse.

Here is a check list to review these foods for daily, weekly, monthly frequency in your diet:

  1. Review your frequency of eating out
  2. Review your packaged and processed food intake
  3. Review your cooked food intake
  4. Review your red meat intake
  5. Review your soft drink intake and diet sodas
  6. Review your coffee and caffeine intake
  7. Review your alcohol intake

So for example, if you are eating out everyday, you can assume that you are eating processed foods everyday and the likelihood that you will also be consuming a higher amount of food additives and chemicals, like preservatives and dyes, poor quality fats and oils and sweeteners. These are things you seriously want to eliminate or cut back on for your cleanse.

Try these suggestions while on your cleanse:

  1. Try selecting non-processed meals when eating out, like salads
  2. Avoid all lunch meat and processed meats
  3. Eliminate red meat and select white meat like chicken or fish
  4. Eliminate deep fried foods like fries and chips
  5. Pack fresh raw food like carrots and apples and celery
  6. Pack purified or distilled water to drink throughout your day

The idea here is to think about what chemicals and additives,

hormones and stuff

you are eating

that put more toxins into your body.

By eliminating these during your cleanse,

you are facilitating your cleanse,

you are really helping the cleanse do its job.

If you are already eliminating red meat and soft drinks and processed foods to a great extent, you can still take your diet further. Maybe eliminate your coffee to 1 cup a day or try every other day. See what you can do to go completely vegetarian or just dairy free for the duration of your cleanse.

If you are already a vegetarian, then maybe try a raw food diet with some vegetable soups for warmth.

A diet, as recommended above and in our other articles, is much the same for all cleansing but one in which might make it difficult to conduct your regular social activities.

CandidaEx and ParasitEx

It is strongly recommended to eliminate ALL fruit juices sugar and alcohol from the diet, and all products with yeast for people cleansing with CandidaEx. Avoid these while using ParasiteEx too, as well as all meat. Substitute beans and rice for your protein. For some people, this will mean curtailing social engagements.

We hope this article informs you about how to make your detoxing experience a pleasant and complete one.

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Cleansing When Sick

Wintertime generally brings a higher chance of getting a cold or the flu. Our dietary choices include higher amounts of sugar and processed foods and perhaps alcohol. We tend to allow ourselves to eat heavier food for comfort and warmth.

The selection of high quality food is paramount to maintaining good health during the cold months. One rule for choosing ‘high quality’ food is fresh and minimally processed.

When we become sick, our body naturally tries to cleanse. We are stuffed up and food doesn’t taste good, if we are achy and tired, fixing a meal can be exhausting. A fever, nausea and/or diarrhea, the sickness symptoms are really just expelling toxins. Our body helps us cleanse by turning us off to food and removing the toxins that this season brings from the very beginning.

Completing a cleansing during a time of illness is not recommended. However, there are a few things to do to help your body move those toxins out. Follow these tips and facilitate the elimination of toxins:

  1. Warm vegetable broths with coconut, sesame, olive oil or ghee.
  2. Warm teas unless you have a fever, then cool water is preferred
  3. Epsom salt and baking soda baths
  4. Our Tracite™ fulvic minerals to replenish electrolytes
  5. Plenty of rest
  6. Very light exercise if you can tolerate it such as, tai chi, qigong, walking

Warm liquids break up mucous; good oils keep the body nourished and hydrated; stretching and very light exercise increases good breathing and movement of lymph fluid.

The best times in the year for detoxing and cleansing the whole body is during the seasonal changes. We recommend the BePure cleanse or LGB – Purity. These are herbal formulations that gently remove stored toxins such as pollutants, metals and chemicals and poorly metabolized waste.

When the weather is warmer, it is easy to transition to a raw food diet that speeds up the body’s ability to detox. Stay tuned in to your body and it will tell you what it needs.

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